About Auren Hoffman...

Auren is CEO of SafeGraph.  He serves as Chairman of Siftery.

He was previously CEO of LiveRamp. LiveRamp connects marketing data to new places. LiveRamp was acquired by Acxiom in 2014 for $310 million.

Auren was the first investor and served on the board of BrightRoll (acquired by Yahoo for $640 million).  

He is the curator and co-founder (with Peter Thiel) of the Dialog Retreat.

Previously, Auren was CEO of Rapleaf, Chairman of Stonebrick Group, CEO of BridgePath (sold in 2002), and CTO of Kyber Systems (sold in 1997).

Auren is an angel investor in over 75 technology companies.  He holds a B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the UC Berkeley.

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