Gillette started giving razors away to make you buy the blades,
mobile phone companies gave away the cell phone to make you pay for the service,
and CompuServe and Prodigy are giving away the computer to make you buy the Internet service.
Now the free stuff just got better! and Auren Hoffman Enterprises present...

Free-houses Inc.!
Free-houses is the ultimate free thing -- a house (up to $900,000 value).

Choose from one of the houses listed below:

4 Bedroom home in Scarsdale, NY

3 Bedroom home in Palo Alto, CA

To get a free home, you must agree to the pay for the following from the company:

Please also visit our sponsors:

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  • Rapleaf -- get a good reputation Enterprises will also be promoting the following obviously profitable businesses in the near future:

  • Free lunch
  • Free Car
  • Free University tuition
  • Free office space
  • Free election campaigns
  • Free country

    Note: Currently we are only in beta -- so you have to provide the house right now.